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Evropski projekat

Keramika i njene dimenzije

decembar 2014 - 30. novembar 2018.

Nosilac projekta: Državni muzej Porcelanikon iz Zelba (Nemačka)

Partneri: Muzej primenjene umetnosti, Beograd, Srbija (modul 1); Internacionalni muzej keramike, Faenca, Italija (modul 2); Nacionalni muzej keramike u Valensiji, Španija (modul 3); Muzej porcelana i galerija u Stouk on Trent, Velika Britanija (modul 5); Aalto Univezitet, Helsinki, Finska (modul 6); Univerzitet Ulster, Velika Britanija (modul10); Državni muzej Porcelanikon iz Zelba, Nemačka (moduli 7, 8 i 9)

Pridruženi partneri: Narodni muzej, Beograd, Srbija; Narodni muzej u Ljubljani, Slovenija; Estonski muzej keramike i porcelana, Taljin, Estonija; Muzej dekorativne umetnosti u Pragu, Republika Češka; Muzej porcelana u Rigi, Letonija

Tim modula 1, Beograd:

Lider modula 1: Ljiljana Miletić Abramović, v.d. direktora MPU

Koordinatori: Biljana Crvenković MPU, Jelena Popović, MPU

Učesnici: Bojana Popović, MPU, Biljana Vukotić, MPU, Biljana Đorđević, NM

Future Lights in Ceramics Competition 2017/2018

“The Future Lights competition is designed to build new bridges and provide a platform for recent graduates to further their careers.”

Wilhelm Siemen, Director, Porzellanikon

Future Lights is an annual competition for people in the early stages of a career in ceramics. The aims of the competition are to:

  • Encourage cross-disciplinary learning and approaches by bringing together the ceramic designers, art historians, researchers, makers and artists of the future
  • Support people in the early stages of a career in ceramics by exhibiting their work at high profile ceramics exhibitions across Europe
  • Promote ceramics to a younger audience, though identifying potential ambassadors

The competition is run by Porzellanikon and co-organised by the British Ceramics Biennial, the Design and Craft Council of Ireland, and Staffordshire University. Each year, recent graduates from across Europe are invited to apply to Porzellanikon, setting out their experience and responding to the year’s theme. In 2017, the Future Lights theme is:

"Diversity – of materials, people, methods, approaches, and cultures."

Designers, researchers, artists and curators working in the field of ceramics are actively responding to, representing and celebrating the diversity present in today’s society. This can be seen in the work of:

  • Ms Claudia Zachow, a curator actively engaging diverse communities/cultures
  • Ms Ursula Meyer, a designer creating inclusive/accessible products to address disability
  • Ms Christelle Familiari, an artist representing diversity in their work
  • Dr. Kristīne Šalma-Ancāne, a researcher investigating different ceramic materials

What are the judges looking for?
In 2017, the Future Lights judges want to discover early career professionals who are expressing, exploring or researching questions of diversity in their work and encourage application from a wide range of practitioners. The organisers of the Future Lights competition wish to be as inclusive as possible. If applicants have any support needs, please get in touch (jana.goebel@porzellanikon.org | phone: +49 9287 91800 614).

Applications will be shortlisted by a jury, with finalists invited to present to a panel of experts from museums, universities and other institutions specialising in ceramics. Winners will be offered further opportunities to showcase their work at high profile events e.g. Ambiente consumer goods trade fair, and will be invited to attend a workshop to collaborate with their peers working in different disciplines.

Who can apply?
Applicants must be resident in EU or associated states at the time of application.
There is no age limit. However, applicants should have completed their main, full time studies within the last five years. Applicants should have expertise, experience or innovative ideas that respond to the theme. We are happy to receive applications from people from a range of disciplines including, but not restricted to, artists, designers, historians, art historians, curators, scientists and researchers.

What is the prize?
Competition winners will be invited to:

  • Attend a workshop where participants collaborate across disciplines, developing new work that responds to a specific design brief
  • Showcase their work at high profile events across Europe and through the wider Ceramics and its Dimensions project

In 2017, Future Lights Ambassadors will exhibit at Ambiente, the world’s most important consumer goods trade fair, attended more than 134,000 trade visitors from over 150 countries.

How can I apply?
Applications must be submitted in English through our online portal. The deadline for applications is (31 March 2017)

When will I find out if I’ve been successful?
Porzellanikon will contact all applicants in July to inform them of the outcome of their application.

Any questions?
Feel free to contact Jana Göbel from Porzellanikon on Jana.Goebel@porzellanikon.org.

PDF document
with all information.

Evropski projekat Keramika i njene dimenzije