Nikola Pantelić

Izložba Pirotski ćilimi, Muzej primewene umetnosti, Beograd, od 6. novembra 2001. do 10. februara 2002. Godine

Exhibition Pirot Kilim, Museum of the Applied Art, Belgrade, November 6, 2001 – February 10, 2002

Journal 1/2005 (Museum of Applied Art), pages 111-112

Milena Vitković-Žikić opened the exhibition Pirot Kilim by the author of the exposition Bojana Šuvaković and conservator Dubravka Bijelić, aided by a team of collaborators, on the occasion of the celebration of the Day of The Museum of the Applied Art. The subject of the exhibition lies in the domain of the authentic traditional decorative and applied art, which became one the hallmarks of the town of Pirot.

Not many countries in the world have preserved the traditional ethnic decorative art, which is at the same time varied and full of content. In this treasury, textile production achieved high level, and rug production, especially in Pirot, belongs to works of remarkable stylistic characteristics, of unique content, colour scheme and interpretations, which also strongly influenced other circles.

The author represented a significant segment of Serbian traditional applied arts in the Exhibition which represents characteristics of the development of the Pirot kilim, weaving, the content of ornamental motifs, the use, and so on. The material is thoroughly studied, professionally exhibited and allows a thorough knowing of this part of cultural heritage. The exhibition is followed by an analytical and scientific catalogue (in Serbian and French) written by Milena Vitković-Žikić. It features a large number of sketches, drawings and photographs. Although the object of the exhibition has already been a subject of studies and expositions, the author maganed to add several links in the chain for better understanding of rug weaving in Pirot and to shed light on both known and new facts. This is the reason for which, I believe, it was altogether purposeful to mark the Museum’s Day in 2001 by the exhibition Pirot Kilim.

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